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Due Diligence

Choate Company Inc. has the experience and resources to provide you and your company with detailed, comprehensive Due Diligence land work.  Producing property acquisition will become more important in today’s political and economic climate.  Choate Company, Inc has the experience and ability to complete your project quickly and economically. 

Throughout the Due Diligence process Choate Company, Inc. will verify the seller’s entire interests at the Federal, State and County levels.  Choate Company, Inc. will provide a complete analysis and examination of the seller’s records and notify you of any encumbrances or title defects.  Our research covers the entire scope of contracts included in your oil deal including, but not limited to, Letter Agreements, Exploration Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, Farm-in & Farm-out Agreements, Assignments, Oil and Gas Leases, Salt Water Disposal Agreements, Joint Interest Billings, Rental Contracts, all Purchase/Sale contracts as well as Division and Transfer Orders.  Our Due Diligence Report will include a verification of the seller’s complete interest as well as identify all current production within your prospect and satisfy any outstanding title curative defects. 

At Choate Company, Inc. we pride ourselves in providing our clients with comprehensive Due Diligence reporting that allows you to make a highly informed decision regarding your property acquisitions.

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